Apple Turnovers

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By my daddy’s request I have made turnovers! Apple ones, at that. A classic and very very simple.

What I did was buy the frozen pre-made puff pastry. With my dismal history at pie crust I didn’t feel up to the challenge of home made puff pastry. At least not today. Make sure you put the pastry in the refrigerator a DAY before you want to use it. It says you can leave it out at room temp or briefly micro it, but it really won’t hold up as well or have the same fluffy texture.

But now, I’m sure you are curious about the filling. In a pinch you can use canned filling. Super cheats two-step way of making these turnovers. If you want to get really fancy though, I suggest using the apple filling from these Wonton Apple Pies¬†from Neighborfood blog. (Also, try out the wonton version. They are adorable and addictive and a huge hit at parties.) The filling is super simple and quick to make. And I even made it with white sugar, having forgotten I had run out of brown! But it’s pretty fail-pro0f and very open to improvisations.

Another pro-tip: drizzle the caramel sauce from that recipe over top of the turnovers and/or use as a dipping sauce!


IMG_3162 (2)All you have to do to put the turnovers together is cut your puff pastry dough into squares (my dough was sized so I simply cut it into quarters), put a heaping spoonful of apple filling in the center and fold over the dough diagonally to make triangles. I didn’t bother using milk or egg to seal the edges, but I did go over the seals with a fork to make a simple crimp around the edges.

Then I beat an egg quite thoroughly and brushed it on top of the turnovers to ensure they baked to a golden brown and to give them a little shine. I then popped them into a 400F oven for 15 minutes. They are done when the pastry has a nice deep color around the edges!

Let cool for 15 minutes so you don’t burn yourself and enjoy!

And if you happen to have leftovers, microwave for 30 seconds to have them nice and hot again to if you happen to need to keep warm during this polar vortex thing. Here in sunny AZ it is actually unusually warm for winter. In the 60s and 70s. But my dad and I still microwave the turnovers at night (when it gets cold enough we can pretend it is a legitimate winter here.)




Snowy Day Trip to Prescott






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Took a day trip with my dad and best friend up to the snowy North of Arizona.

Prescott, AZ was the once-capitol of Arizona. It has a little bit of the historic West feel on Whiskey Road. Full of saloons and pubs. But, really, now it is just a trendy get away. It is full of little boutiques, antique shops, art galleries and jewelry stores.

It was fun to walk around. And even more fun to get a taste of winter with the snow. There were kids (of all ages) making snowmen in the town square in front of the court house.

I’m sure during the warmer months there is a bit more to explore. And the views must be wonderful. But since it was a freezing 40 degrees we only wandered around for a couple of hours.

We had a nice little lunch at the Devil’s Pantry, but it wasn’t anything special. There was a dessert that I will try if I ever visit again though. It’s cookie dough deep fried in a funnel cake batter and smothered in more decadent dessert type toppings. It was just too rich this visit, but I am going to dream about tasting that diabetes in a bowl.