Salt Lake Roasting Co.



What’s this? ANOTHER coffee shop post? Why yes, yes it is! Because I am poor and lazy my baking adventures and eating out fun times has been desperately lacking… I apologize!

But take a look at that sumptuous shiny chocolate and chili truffle – eh? It looks so good. And it was creamy and silky and rich… but not so chili. After several bites (it was a very large truffle, guys) I could JUST start to feel a little heat build up in the very backest part of my throat…

But the café au lait was quite nice. They are never as rich or sweet as the ones from Spain… maybe they have magic beans and milk, but I can’t help but compare every coffee to those of my beloved España.



But Cort and I, of course, came back. Because this place is great. And this time I got a slice of cake…tart…pie…thing. It has a base of a sponge or angel food cake, with a slightly crispy crust. then they topped it with the above pictured fruits. It was light and sweet and lovely. Perfect for PI day! (yes it was that long ago… DONT JUDGE ME). And I tried their spicy chai this time.

This was as good as I was hoping the truffle would be. It had all the lovely and varied nuances of a traditional chai…. BUT it lit a tiny fire in your mouth. It burn so good with the spices. Spicy chais are my favorite and so far, this is the best drink I’ve had in all of Salt Lake City. I haven’t got anything different since. It’s so perfect.


I forgot to tell you about the restaurant didn’t I…

Well. It’s two floors and very hip. The bottom is full of roasting and grinding machines, a little gift shop and the front where you can get drinks (tea, coffee, frappés…) and food! Not just pastries but quiche and sandwiches and soups!

And then there are a bunch of tables, two sofas, a wall-sized window that looks out onto their cute patio (where we have not sat yet because cold and wet.) Then there is the second floor. Which actually isn’t that cute. It has some maps on the walls, but it’s a great study area and there are always a bunch of students there. So we fit in quite well as we chat about life or read.

And then that last picture was me just messing with a photo editor. BUT IT LOOKS COOL, RIGHT?!

I will continue to post. Even if I have to resort to subpar scrambled eggs or toast with nutella and hot sauce. And eventually, when I have a source of income again, I will have more fun places to post about and more fun and interesting recipes to share!


Salt Lake City and Ogden


Blew my mind.

These last two weeks I have been doing a LOT of traveling! First I drove up to Phoenix on Sunday, flew to Salt Lake City on Monday (and a trip that was supposed to take 3.5 hours ended up taking 6. Just my luck with flying. I hate it so.) Drove back down to Phoenix on Thursday (which took the ENTIRE day- a full twelve hours.) House hopped over the weekend catching up with my homies in the valley. Quick trip back home for a restorative night in my own bed. Back up to Phoenix to leave EARLY Tuesday morning to leave to LA. Well, just outside of LA in Simi Valley for a REUNION ROADTRIP. WOOHOO.

It sounds fun, but is terribly exhausting and I can’t wait to sleep in without a scheduled day.

While in Utah my eating habits were irregular at best, absent at worst. My dear friend and I had delicious Thai food the night I flew in.IMG_2816

IMG_2815 A lovely little restaurant in Ogden with a lovely old Thai man was my respite after hours of delays and taxiing. We were given to-go cups the size of our heads full of Thai iced tea which we sipped while waiting for our Pad Thai and Tom Kha.

This is the gorgeous view from the streets of Ogden the next afternoon. We took the train into the city. It was an hour’s ride, but the train had wi-fi and plugs. The perfect thing for a commute!

2002-12-08 12.00.00-4


The rest of the pictures are a compilation of our two days’ adventuring in Salt Lake City.

We came across a delightful Indian restaurant that offered a lunch buffet. We caught the tail end of it, but the food was still delicious. They had all the usuals – saag, tikka masala, samosas, etc. There was even pumpkin and warm gulab jamun! The owner was so very nice and even gave us coupons for our next time there. (I am so excited to be able to actually visit it again!)

2014-01-29 14.23.21

Then we strolled along the areas where the City Creek Mall and Gateway Mall are found. It was lovely weather and a perfect day for strolling around the city.


2014-01-28 16.16.45


Then we happened upon a cute café called Blue Lemon. They had gluten free desserts and special seasonal coffee drinks! The barista was very nice and gave us drinks with a smile. And the rest of the café (which was also part restaurant) looked exactly out of a Kdrama! We fancied cute Korean couples having arguments or meeting by chance in this adorable place.




2014-01-28 16.21.03


Later we found a SCOTTISH STORE. Haha, both having Scottish roots we had fun exploring. Below is the tartan of my people! Woohoo.

2014-01-28 17.17.15


There was also the Parisian café that had croissants as large as my face. See below:

2014-01-29 10.56.37


And the other Parisian boulangerie that offered macarons:

2014-01-29 12.46.15-2


The second day was the artsy coffee shop we found. They had delicious drinks. It was very neat too, because they had an art gallery that showed local artists and the shop helped support the local high school students and encouraged them to get into the arts.

2014-01-29 15.45.03

2014-01-29 15.57.15


It was so much fun! I am so excited to be soon moving to this bustling and friendly new city. It has all the aspects of city life I have been craving as well as all the nature I desire. There are gorgeous mountains that you can see from almost any spot in the city. I cannot wait to hike them and one day learn to snowboard their snowy peaks.