La Bocca Urban Pizzeria and Wine Bar



Here is a throwback post. I suppose I’ll post this on Thursday to be in proper internet form. #tbt

La Bocca was one of my favorite spots to eat and chill in Tempe. It was on the trendy part of Mill, just North of campus, accesible and fun. It had a wonderful half priced happy hour from around noon to about 4pm.

After class I’d meet up with friends for some wine and apps. The bruschetta choices are to die for. There is both savory and sweet options. My friends and I would often choose three savory and one of the two dessert choices (you pick four per plank). The smoked salmon is our favorite, but is seasonal – if you see it, get it! But I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed by the options, so feel free to pick as you please!



The sandwich combos are quite delicious as well. Pictured above is the fig and turkey sandwich. It is absolutely delightful and bursting with flavour. And come with house fried potato chips seasoned with fresh herbs and sea salt. I think I enjoyed them more than the sandwich itself!




The Fox and Hound


Bianco Flatbread “Creamy spinach & artichoke spread topped with our blend of pizza cheeses, artichokes and fresh spinach tossed in a wine vinaigrette. Garnished with a balsamic glaze.”


Fox and Hound is a sports bar and grill that I have passed by for years and years. This month was the first time I actually went in and tried it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

During lunch it’s fairly bright, nice and open. And it’s easy to forget it’s a sports bar (despite the huge TVs.) The service has always been quick and friendly (though that honestly might be because we were always one of three tables in the whole restaurant at the time.)

The flatbread pizzas are very tasty and the burgers are quality as well. I wouldn’t mind going back sometime. Maybe one day I’ll even check out their nightly themes and drink specials!

And they just start selling hookah for those nights out!! AWESOME!