Red Neck BBQ



I know, I know. You can’t get much more middle of the country-farmland-upstate New York than eating at a place called Red Neck BBQ. But it was surprisingly varied with it’s food choices.

But I was driving around the county with my uncles and dad for a wine and beer tour. You can only get so much sophistication from three farm-bred boys. XD  And it turned out to be a pleasant time.

To start with, that hamburger you see above is a KIMCHI BURGER WITH PONZU SAUCE. Granted, ponzu sauce is Japanese and the kimchi was mostly cabbage soaked in vinegar. BUT. Nowhere else have I seen an attempt at Korean food outside of an Asian restaurant. Much less on a burger. Much less in upstate New York.

And all in all, it was a pretty good burger. I’m betting not many people have eaten much Asian food in those parts, much less Korean food. So I give this burger an A for effort! 


But having had some rather delicious (and fairly authentic) Korean and Japanese food, here is my honest opinon. The Ponzu sauce was too sweet and overpowered the burger. The kimchi, as I said before, was just VINEGARY, no hint of chili or other subtle flavors. But the meat was good and tasty, cooked well and the bun was actually really good. Probably my favorite part. It was more of a homemade bun, not the stuff bought from the store and held up very well with all the sauces and juices.

The fries I got with my burger were alright. Homecut fries, thick, potatoey. A bit cold and not very crispy. So they made do.

My uncles both got different burgers and my dad got the chicken buffalo sandwich. The end opinion was the same. Decent food for a decent price. Not outstanding, not terrible. Their sweet potato fries were actually pretty good though. And I don’t normally care for sweet potato fries.

The Red Neck BBQ is a quirky place with interesting menu items. Since it is in Cooperstown there are slightly more options than in Oneonta. But it was an experience that made the eating worth it.