Sort-of-Los-Angeles Adventures

IMG_2845As I mentioned in my last post, I took a trip to just outside of LA to reunite my French study abroad besties. 3 of us were in AZ at the time and decided to visit the 4th of our exquisite group in her hometown of Simi Valley. The first full day there we visited Ventura Beach and Amoeba Records in Hollywood.


The next day her parents were gracious enough to take us along the coast to visit one of their friend’s vineyards in Paso Robles. The trip was beautiful, although it decided to rain on us. The first rain of the year for them!

IMG_2863 (2)

We even got to sea some marine life. At Morro Rock Bay we braved our way through the drizzle to walk along the cute line of shops selling taffy, candies, ice cream, and knick knacks. Behind one of the restaurants was a little walkway where we gazed at the sea lions arfing on a floating plank in the middle of the bay.

IMG_2858 (2)


When we finally made it to Paso Robles it was starting to clear up. We got to enjoy samples of some of the best red wine I’ve ever had (and I’ve lived in France!) and cuddle with an adorable and HUGE St Bernard.


IMG_2873 (2)


Along the way we had delicious food, graciously treated to us by the parents, which I will be posting about over the next couple weeks!