La Bocca Urban Pizzeria and Wine Bar



Here is a throwback post. I suppose I’ll post this on Thursday to be in proper internet form. #tbt

La Bocca was one of my favorite spots to eat and chill in Tempe. It was on the trendy part of Mill, just North of campus, accesible and fun. It had a wonderful half priced happy hour from around noon to about 4pm.

After class I’d meet up with friends for some wine and apps. The bruschetta choices are to die for. There is both savory and sweet options. My friends and I would often choose three savory and one of the two dessert choices (you pick four per plank). The smoked salmon is our favorite, but is seasonal – if you see it, get it! But I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed by the options, so feel free to pick as you please!



The sandwich combos are quite delicious as well. Pictured above is the fig and turkey sandwich. It is absolutely delightful and bursting with flavour. And come with house fried potato chips seasoned with fresh herbs and sea salt. I think I enjoyed them more than the sandwich itself!




Homemade Doughnuts


Why is it that I can resist the call of doughnuts at almost any time EXCEPT when I see a character I like eat it on TV? Then it becomes a perogative of mine to enjoy such a cakey delight. My favorites happen to be crullers, boston cream,and apple fritters. My pastry has to have density or filling to be satisfying!

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Cupz n Crepes

IMG_2742 (2)


Cupz n Crepes is an adorable little local restaurant in ‘Tukee just a few blocks West from the I10 on Ray. I went to  meet a friend here for breakfast while visiting The Valley and am I in love! It is the best crèpe place I’ve been to in the states.

It is a seat-yourself diner, and the wait staff were pretty friendly when we went. Our order even got lost but they were quick to fix that once we brought their attention to the wait. The decor is classy cutesy with mirrors and shelves full of porcelain vases and flowers. And on the walk to the bathroom hallway you can see the cook making the crèpes the traditional way – on a giant circular grill with the little wooden spreader.

The crèpe selection is widely varied – veggies, cheese, meats, and the dessert options are plentiful!! And the price is oh so right. Most of the crèpes run in the 5-7 dollar range. A SUPER AFFORDABLE BREAKFAST OR LUNCH, non? I ordered the above pictured strawberry, honey and almond dessert crèpe.


The crèpe itself was slightly crispy but still retained it’s chewiness. The strawberries were fresh, the honey was not overly sweet and the almonds added a great crunch and nuttiness. My friend ordered a make your own with avocado and jack cheese. It was delicious as well. The cheese was some of the freshest and creamiest I’ve ever tasted.

I was so pleased with this restaurant. I highly highly recommend it. Go and support this local place. Order a crèpe, order a café. Sit and chill for a bit à la vie française!

Mike’s Pastry

IMG_2275 (2)


So this is one of the MOST famous places in all of Boston. According to my dad, and most of the internet. It is a small bakery in the North End of Boston, aka the Italian district. As you walk the streets from the center of Boston (well to me and my dad that was Fanueil Hall) the buildings slowly turn into apartments and change in style till it feels like you are in a whole new city. You can feel the unique Italian neighborhood vibe in this main street of North End.

You walk by café after café after Italian restaurant after pastry shop. It was beautiful and painfully and heartachingly reminded me of Europe.

IMG_2276 (2)


The inside of Mike’s was just as quaint as the rest of the street. It was American old-school with the feeling of a 50’s diner including embossed metal ceilings


But the highlights of the place was truly the pastry display which spanned the length of 3 walls, leaving only the entrance wall clear of racks of sweets.

The true torture of this place was picking which dessert. Not only did they have cupcakes, tiramisu, other small cakes, ice cream, cookies, cannoli, etc. But they had multiple FLAVOURS of each. So once you decided what TYPE of dessert you craved you had to pick what TASTE you wanted. I debated hard for the entire wait between peanut butter and espresso cannoli. I ultimately chose the peanut butter. It was so rich and decadent. I had some trouble finishing it. But the cannoli pastry was flaky and with a surprisingly dense bite. In fact, it reminded me of the Mexican sopapillas. I had never had a true cannoli before and this one has set high standards.

Then my dad tried the tiramisu and it was perfect. Just the right balance of espresso, chocolate, cinnamon and liquor in a creamy and spongy cup. Their coffee was delicious as well, though my choice of a flavoured latte was perhaps not the wisest. I was so over-sugared that I had trouble thinking about any more food for the next 4 hours.

IMG_2277 (2)


My only complaint was the service. As in the owner was the sole waitress in a ridiculous tiny and crowded go-to spot for the lunch hour. We actually didn’t have to wait that long, but it’s the principal of the thing.

Also, keep in mind, if you go there they ONLY accept CASH. No credit, debit, checks. If not for my daddy being old-fashioned I would have missed out on a delicious treat.