Traveling is a lot of in-between times

I love going new places, traveling is absolutely one of my passions. But my one caveat to it all is the travel itself. I HATE flying. I used to be terrified to fly and have progressed to being anxious and uncomfortable. You’d think after a while it’d get better, but I can’t help but start panicking and feeling like I’m about to die every time a plane takes off or we hit turbulence.
Buses are better, though I have felt the bus tip on one too many turns taken hellishly fast. But there is less rush, less security checks and less restrictions. Plus I am able to sleep through most of any bus rider.
Trains I actually very much enjoy riding! They are quick, practically hassle free like buses, and they are on rails so there is less a chance of careening off a turn. Plus the leg room is incredible.

I wish I was able to enjoy the act of traveling as much as the results of doing so. But even food loses it’s appeal while I travel. It’s always overpriced and underwhelming. Plkus I am the unfortunate victim of low blood sugar mood swings. I usually bring snacks, but if I forget or if it’s just not enough then things get pretty nasty.
When my blood sugar drops I get hungry (hungry-angery). I get real quite because I know I’ll snap at the smallest provocation, I get super irritable and my already over thought decision process becomes unmanageable and the end of the world.

So please excuse the absence of posts this week as I recover from a day of traveling and while I spend time with la familia.