Snowy Day Trip to Prescott






IMG_2615 (2)


Took a day trip with my dad and best friend up to the snowy North of Arizona.

Prescott, AZ was the once-capitol of Arizona. It has a little bit of the historic West feel on Whiskey Road. Full of saloons and pubs. But, really, now it is just a trendy get away. It is full of little boutiques, antique shops, art galleries and jewelry stores.

It was fun to walk around. And even more fun to get a taste of winter with the snow. There were kids (of all ages) making snowmen in the town square in front of the court house.

I’m sure during the warmer months there is a bit more to explore. And the views must be wonderful. But since it was a freezing 40 degrees we only wandered around for a couple of hours.

We had a nice little lunch at the Devil’s Pantry, but it wasn’t anything special. There was a dessert that I will try if I ever visit again though. It’s cookie dough deep fried in a funnel cake batter and smothered in more decadent dessert type toppings. It was just too rich this visit, but I am going to dream about tasting that diabetes in a bowl.