The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a trendy restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale. I was brought here with a couple of foodie friends and absolutely fell in love with it. The place is open and has full length windows all around, so the dining room stays bright and cheery. They even have a small bar area if you want to enjoy some day drinking!

The menu offers some traditional and some more sophisticated food choices. They offer several freshly squeezed juice options and breakfast dranks, if you are in the mood. As far as food, you can get anything from the original egg, bacon and toast breakfast, to an omelete, to challah french toast, to several mouth watering choices of eggs benedict. Can you guess which I went for?

See, when I go out to eat, I try to order those things which would normally be too difficult to prepare myself or that have a really new and fresh take on a recipe. When I spotted the Bello Bene and did a little research on bordelaise sauce on my friend’s handy smartphone, I knew I had hit the jackpot.

The Bello Bene features two eggs benedict, on top of portobello mushrooms on top of an English muffin, some sauteed spinach and sliced tomatos, and smothered in bordelaise and hollandaise sauce. It sounds like a lot, looks like a mess in the picture, but trust me. It was amazing.

This is one of those plates that just doesn’t translate well into photos.
I swear it didn’t appear this messy when sitting in front of me!

Because you are probably wondering, bordelaise sauce is a classic French sauce made from red wine and bone marrow. It is rich and full bodied and incredibly tasty. Hollandaise is a thick creamy sauce made from egg yolk and butter.

I know you are thinking that sounds too heavy or too many confliction flavors, but somehow they made it work. Every flavor complimented the other and blended so well. It was pure bliss taking each bite.

The dish is also accompanied by some fresh fruit and some southwestern style home potatoes.

I made sure to mop up every last droplet of this delightful creation, and though I was bursting full, I was oh so very happy!


Fogo de Chão

All you can eat MEAT. Delicious, tender, juicy beef, lamb, chicken and pork. It was a dream come true. With endless side dishes of caramelized bananas, polenta fries, mashed potatoes, and cheesy bread puffs.

That was the dream I was treated to after my University Graduation. My friends’ parents were nice enough to invite me along to the celebratory dinner to stuff our stomachs as full as our heads were (theoretically) stuffed with knowledge.

The way this particular Brazilian Steakhouse functioned was this:

There was a coaster at your place setting – one side red (stop! I’m chewing!), one side green (load up the plate!) – to signal the ever rotating servers whether you wanted meat or not.

We started with a first course at their large salad bar. It had the usual run of mixed greens and dressings, but also cold cuts and cheeses, and a variety of pickled and cooked vegetables to nibble on.

Having satisfied my nutrition-focused conscience with a small helping of leafy things, I turned my card green side up and was promptly accosted by a server catering a huge pike of meat from table to table. I was served slices of top sirloin, top and bottom cut flank steak, garlic infused beef, ribs, bacon wrapped chicken, tender cuts of lamb, and juicy sausages.

I made sure to try a little of everything and found most of it to my liking. The sirloin and flank steaks were my favorite. The lamb was tender but I couldn’t come to terms with the strong and unique flavor of the meat – I’m still not sure if I liked it or disliked it.

But it was all so delicious that I forced myself to ingest more than I previously thought was possible. Then, to put a cherry on top of a 20 scoop, whipped cream, caramel, butterscotch, fudge, strawberry, sprinkles and nuts and bananas and strawberries mile high sunday of a meal, we had desserts.

After a quick glance at the menu and a digestive grumble of protestation we had initially decided against a final sweet course. But the waiter was nice enough to comp my friend and I each with a dessert of our choice… 

We couldn’t be rude so she picked Flan and I asked to be surprised. The Chocolate Lava Cake and the Flan were both good, but lack luster and ordinary. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone to purchase.

But I will definitely come back for the parade of tantalizing meats.