Thai Lotus Cafe

thai lotus


Welcome back to another edition of Cort and Mel enjoy Asian food. Today’s segment: Thai! Again! (And Always!)

The other day we were hungry, craving thai, and too lay to get dressed and leave the house. Solution? Order take out! We thought we were so brilliant. Until we discovered all the hidden costs and minimums that comes with ordering take out. No less than $20, $5 extra for delivery, if you want delivery you have to go through this 3rd party company.

It was fairly overwhelming, but we decided to go with Thai Lotus – it had good reviews and the food we wanted. In order to deliver though, you had to sign up through Alright, we thought. We can handle that. Just like domino’s right? No. We were so very wrong. Mainly because Thai Lotus wasn’t showing up on the website. There were 3 other Thai places, but not the restaurant we had our stomachs set on. So we proceeded to call them. Which took forever and a day. But finished fairly painlessly (though twice the amount we had originally anticipated?! Ding, -1)

So we waited. And waited. And about an hour later our food came to our door. Our long awaited Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles and Tom Kha smelled delicious. We dig in and…it’s luke warm. Which is actually fine with Thai food…but…no one wants luke-warm delivery. (Ding)

Then we open the soup and…It’s not Tom Kha but something that tasted exactly like Tortilla Soup. Which was actually delicious! But not creamy nor mushroomy. (Ding)

Overall, not a disaster. But. We are never going to use that service again. We will try another restaurant that delivers instead.


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