Homemade Doughnuts


Why is it that I can resist the call of doughnuts at almost any time EXCEPT when I see a character I like eat it on TV? Then it becomes a perogative of mine to enjoy such a cakey delight. My favorites happen to be crullers, boston cream,and apple fritters. My pastry has to have density or filling to be satisfying!

So I did a quick search for a cruller recipe and came across this: http://www.laurenslatest.com/homemade-crullers/

I followed the recipe exactly…until I tasted the batter. It was so…plain and doughy! So I threw in a half cup or so of sugar and a variety of spices until the batter tasted delish. You know something will turn out well if you can eat it raw!

I opened up my new (and super cheap) frosting kit and started to pipe out some circles on a silicon sheet. As I was waiting for those donuts to freeze I was playing with the batter – squirting out lines in the oil to make… CHURROS! (This is a great churro recipe as well!) Sprinkled those mini churros with cinnamon sugar and had a tasty snack while waiting for my main dessert!

After about 15 minutes I took the cooled rings out of the freezer. Unfortunately they stuck – next time spray/oil the parchment or silicon sheets! – and I had to peel them off with an oiled spatula. Once up I plopped them in the oil and waited a couple minutes on each side. Set them on a cooling rack while I dropped the next set and then plopped them in the glaze.

They hit the spot exactly! Honestly, could have been a little cakier. But other than that they were perfect donuts!


These are great if you freeze the dough in preformed rings or half inch balls. You don’t need to thaw or anything, just dump in the oil as per usual. Perfect for that out-of-nowhere emergency sweet craving.


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