The Bayou

IMG_2991-EditedWonderful news! I have made the move to Salt Lake City to search for passion, fun and adventure. Why? You may ask? Why not! I shall reply. But honestly it just fell into place and I’m lucky enough to have been able to move in with one of mes filles favorites –  Cortney whom I met one fateful semester abroad in France.

Unfortunately, during the move and transferring of files, I seem to have msiplaced my Cali photos. So that series will be put on hold. Fortunately, I have plenty of SLC photos to start into!

It was a monotonous day and a half drive from Tucson to SLC, but it was made without much hassle or hickup (though my tire managed to pick up a nail along the way. No leakage, but that was something to be fixed immediately upon arrival.) The night of my dad’s and my arrival we unloaded all of my furniture. It  went smoothly and quickly and in no time flat all my possessions were placed inside my new home.

Then it was simply running around getting the necessaries and things I didn’t think I’d need. Saturday we were more or less done and we went to celebrate with dinner at one of the pubs near us. The place my dad choose was The Bayou a Louisiana Cajun style restaurant and bar. They had a veritable BOOK of beer choices and a decent food menu too. I was able to try some Jambalaya that my dad ordered – first taste ever – and it was delicious! I had cajun style fettucini – Fettucini Kileene – with alfredo and pesto spices; it was absolutely delicious. I’ve always laughed at “Cajun Style” pastas at other restaurants but this was no laughing matter. It had enough kick and spice to satisfy me and it was such a unique combo of flavors and was I imagine Cajun food to taste like.

Cort had the Crawfish Étouffée and devoured it. And my dad thoroughly enjoyed his Jumbalaya.


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