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Right on the Ahwatukee and Chandler “city” border is a hippie, eclectic vegan restaurant called Pomegranate.

My friends had discovered this gem and were constantly raving about their favorite order – the Açaii Berry Parfait. So when I was in town they took me to it, twice in fact.

And the parfait was delicious. UTTERLY AMAZING. A concoction of açaii berry flavored cashew cream yogurt layered with house granola, crisp green apples, coconut shreds, and dried fruit presented in a kitschy mason jar.

It has charm, pizzazz and flavor! I actually could barely finish this monster of a nutritious parfait.

The rest of the menu, however, fizzled for me. It was full of vegan meat substitute dishes. When I go to a vegetarian or vegan restaurant I look for creative and inspiring VEGETABLE and FRUIT BASED dishes. Not normal dishes with tofu bacon, or “chicken” components. It feels like cheating, plus these vegan alternatives are always a disappointment in texture and taste.

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The restaurant itself is adorable. Extremely colorful and full of recycled decorations. Every table set is different and each wall is covered in some mosaic or another.

It should be too much, but they were able to pull off this vibrant and noisy color scheme into a coherent chic hippie feel.

Once over the unexpected exposure to all the colors, your eye is immediately drawn to the baked goods display. It is full of gluten free, vegan, and raw goodies for the hippie of all dietary restrictions.

Next, once you sit down you can look over the counter and watch as the waiters make smoothies by pulverizing and juicing a selection of herbs, grasses, vegetables, and citrus. It is fascinating and inspires the curiousity. I didn’t have the guts to try one of their healthy beverages this last time. But next time I will for sure. Nothing like a bright green smoothie to jump start your inner workings!


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Conclusion: I really enjoyed the parfait and will definitely be going there for more of it next time I am in the area. This restaurant also offers a great option for those who choose not to eat meat to any degree, as well as offers options for those who must dine gluten free. It is a food stop that offers something for everyone and I recommend that you stop by and give it a try.


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