Quincy Hall

IMG_2256 (2)


That is a picture of delicious, warming, hearty Cod Pie from one of the many restaurants within the confines of Quincy Hall, Boston.

It was full of a lovely creamy, but not heavy, sauce, fish cooked to perfection and a scattering of peas, onions and carrots. It was topped with a lovely crumb crust and seasoned to perfection.


Since I don’t have much else to say, other than wowza this was good and I wish I could have tried ALL of the restaurants in there, I shall give an impression of Quincy Hall’s insides.

It is like a mall food court or an airport restaurant area. Only full of dozens of option of EVERYTHING. There was East Coast seafood, salads, macaronis, Indian food, Asian food, desserts every which way you looked. Sandwiches and soups on nearly every menu. There was pizza and BBQ, ice cream, and smoothies, to boot.

All you had to do was walk up and down the length of the historic Hall until something caught your eye. The most interesting part, though, was not the food but the seating. For all of the hustle and crowding of the Hall, there was a very limited seating area. A mere quarter section of the hall full of low to the ground wood tables and square no-nonsense seating. You had to STALK your seats out like they were your PREY. You literally had to POUNCE on an opening or you would lose your place. There was no time for even a quick walk. You determinedly sprinted to your place and set your food down before your feet made the last steps.

After finding our seats, however, we did realize there was a second floor with a few more seating options. I regret that we didn’t roam about the floor above us, but there was so much to do and see and walk to that it simply was overlooked.

Also, I know that my postings have been irregular. I don’t even have the excuse that I’m busy. I simply keep forgetting to go through my pictures and do reviews!

I hope you are enjoying my New York (and Boston!) reviews though. I’ll make up for my tardiness by uploading some of my non-food pictures of the country side and city! (Eventually, at least.)


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