Hotrods Old Vail

P1000832 (2)

Hotrods is a really neat and eclectic restaurant. It is part American country food and part vintage car garage and restoration biz.

It is on the far south side of town. In fact the only reason I went there is my dad and I were returning from an impromptu camping and wine tour weekend trip and it was on the way back home.

It is honestly in the middle of nowhere right off the highway, but it suits the fixer-upper garage come-here-to-watch-the-races vibe of the place. I’d borrow some pictures from the internet, but I’ll just link you to their website here.

The inside is very race track themed. Racing stripes, black, red, white checks everywhere. Flags and numbers and shiny glossy tiles and metal beams inside the restaurant.

There is a bar on the second floor that seemed pretty swanky. The ground floor is family friendly – very much like a diner. And in the back is a windowed wall where you can look at the restored cars they are working on. Each table has a flip deck of the cars and what they are doing to them. It was all pretty neat and my dad was able to explain what some of the jargon meant. New engines, refurbished hoods and doors, modern tires and shiny new paint jobs.

Now onto the food. They have a bunch of fried American diner food, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, the like. My dad and I split the Buffalo Chicken Calzone. The pastry was flaky, the filling was hot and tasty. And i’m not usually a fan of buffalo sauce, but it wasn’t overwhelming and balanced nicely with the filling.

If it were closer I would definitely drop by again and try out their breakfasts and other diner treats!


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