Cheng’s Beijing

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(Sorry for posting late! I swear I had this all ready and set for yesterday. It was supposed to post at 10am as always… I just had some technical issues apparently. <.>  Here it is!)

Cheng’s Beijing is one of the many Asian restaurants in the Northwest Tucson area. Lately, it is one of my favorites. The dishes are light unlike many Chinese restaurants where you finish eating and feel like you have drank a whole bottle of sauce and a bag of breading. Not necessarily bad, mind you, it simply gets too much VERY quickly.

Cheng’s however  has a lighter touch with sauces and breadings and a heavier one with it’s vegetables. It is primarily Chinese-American dishes, but on my latest venture there I discovered a delicious expansion into the Thai and Vietnamese dishes!

Feeling something veggie heavy, I opted for the Thai Eggplant with Tofu and my dad for the Thai Bangkok Chicken.

The Eggplant dish was exactly what I was expecting from past Thai eggplant experiences. The eggplant was sweet and soft with a crispy skin. The tofu was fried expertly-not soggy or chewy. The vegetables were equally crisp and refreshing.

The chicken dish was well composed. Oftentimes I find that the peanut sauces on these dishes can be too much, but this dish had enough chili and other flavors to balance out the peanuty flavor. The chicken was cooked well, though I came across more than a couple fatty and inedible bites.

This dining experience, like the few I’ve had before at this restaurant, was pleasant and enjoyable and offered a nice variety of flavors and options.

You should also try the Thai Iced Tea when you go. They do it good. (And now serve boba as well!)


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