Banana Scones


Star Scones!

Whilst browsing through my many food blogs I came upon this delectable dish with perfect timing, for beside me was an ever-ripening bunch of bananas that needed to be used up!

From came this simple banana breakfast pastry. (I didn’t make the glaze because I wasn’t feeling the sweet factor. And I was lazy. XP )

The making was simple enough and definitely took me less than the predicted half hour prep time. I halved the recipe, not having many people to help me eat the finished product, which made the prepping even quicker.


I quickly mashed up the banana, added a splash of almond milk (just to thin it out since I was already at the 1 cup mark) and mixed in the greek yogurt. Then I mixed the dry ingredients, cut in the butter and combined with the ‘naners.

I’m not sure how you’d be able to spread out the dough and cut out rounds because it was just a little too sticky for easy handling. As it was, I got messy enough just partitioning the dough into my adorable (and thoroughly greased and floured) star tins.

IMG_1910 (2)

Popped them in the oven and after the 16 minutes they were perfect!

I let them cool and in the morning enjoyed a lovely (and rather healthy!) breakfast with a fruit smoothie. It still wasn’t very scone-like (maybe because I only used white all purpose flour?). It was more akin to a dense (almost tough, but not in a bad way!) muffin. Anyway it was really good and still moist.

I’m going to make these again and play around with some additional fillings (chocolate or cinnamon chips, anyone?) and maybe adding a bit more flour to see if that makes it more crumbly and scone-ish.


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