Thunder Canyon Brewery


This has been a long time favorite  — especially for their Lightening Lunch specials. TCB is a local pub and brewery that offers a fun and varied selection of lunch and dinner foods, as well as delicious beers.

For dinner this week, my dad and I went to get some good ol’ pub food. I ordered the Scottsdale Salad: mandarin oranges, raisins, cranberries, walnuts and I picked the raspberry vinaigrette to go along with it all. It was refreshing and light and just sweet enough to satiate my sweet tooth.

My dad ordered the fish and chips. They are coated in a crispy beer batter and served with a light tartar sauce and malt vinegar. I’ve always enjoyed ordering the fish here!

I didn’t order a drink this time, but I was eyeing the Strawberry beer they featured. They always have at least one fruit beer and several homebrewed beers on tap. It’s great for happy hour!


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