Bulgogi and banchan

Look at that glorious spread of my most favorite ethnic cuisine!

Chodang is a tiny hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant on the East side of Chandler. Parking in the lot is limited and spreads out into the neighborhood streets and it really doesn’t look like much on the outside. Or the inside, for that matter. But you can tell it’s really authentic because of the small scale, the amount of Koreans (and other Asians) in the restaurant and the amount of English in the menu (just enough to get the idea of each food across.)

My dear friend and I set out on this lunch excursion because we are both huge fans of Korean food. We decided to split the Bulgogi platter. It came with the above pictured banchans — dried seaweed strips, a dish of spiced sliced radishes, soybean sprouts, house kimchi, what I can only assume is potatoes cooked in sugar and soy sauce (the taste is similar to kongjang) if anyone knows what this dish is called please let me know!, and what tasted like sliced apples and mayo.

All the banchan were delicious (even the apple salad was surprisingly addictive) and the bulgogi was as tender and flavourful as I could hope for! It was served on top of caramelized onions and left steeping in its natural juices. Which I naturally mopped up with my leftover rice. It was a filling meal and at a really affordable price.

While the staff wasn’t overly friendly, neither were they neglectful. They took our order, served us food and let us be. And sometimes that is all one desires out of a restaurant experience. Much less annoying than the owner or waiter who visits your table every ten minutes (until you finish your meal, then you are left waiting and waiting for the check!)

All-in-all I recommend Chodang for an inexpensive and utterly delicious Korean meal!!


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