Sushi on Oracle

Sushi on Oracle is, well, a sushi restaurant. On Oracle road. Creative name, non? Though the name is quite generic, the restaurant is anything but. From the service to the food, it is a welcoming and fun experience.

The servers are always prompt to seat you and friendly while serving you. I have never wanted for any of their delicious green (with brown rice) tea, they are always quick to refill your cup. And they are equally quick on checking on you for your order.

My friends and I always order sushi, so I can’t say how their cooked plates are, but the sushi is fresh tasting and excellently prepared. As soon as you are sat and your drink orders taken, a hot bowl of miso soup and a dish of edamame are placed before you to enjoy for appetizers. This more than makes up for the splurge that is a dinner on raw fish. Then, whether you sit at the sushi bar or at a table, you are quickly presented with your sushi orders (excellently prepared by the jolly Japanese sushi chefs.)

Pictured above are the Las Vegas Roll (in front and center), the Caterpillar Roll (top right and green), and the Spicy Yellowtail Roll (top left). Each roll was delicious and distinct in flavour and texture. The Yellowtail was a delightful texture of minced fish and the Las Vegas Roll was perfectly fried without being greasy. The Caterpillar Roll, though, is always my favorite – consisting of fresh water eel, cucumber, and avocado and eel sauce – it has a lovely combination of flavours and feels on the tongue.


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