Los Angeles Adventures

These are L. and T. sitting in the midst of a Japanese festival in Little Tokyo.

This past Thursday I drove a friend out to LA where she will be starting a burgeoning career in the Film Industry! The road trip involved three dear friends who have known each other since middle school and who, though they have each gone to college at different colleges around the country, still manage to connect insantaneously whenever in person and who have kept up visiting each other over the years.

We are, in essence, a cheesy YA novel. And it’s fabulous.

L. and I are going to be crashing at T.’s place this week, helping her to get settled, run errands and exploring the food and entertainment options available to her.

So far we are all loving LA, the people are SO nice. Legitamately decent people, and none of us have felt creeped out by men on the street or in the clubs. Everything is accesible (except the off exit for Hollywood, that is ALWAYS backed up and we have thus far avoided it) and there is such a diverse and varied mix of backgrounds and feels to every individual part of the city (and surrounding areas) from Korea Town to Downtown to Little Tokyo to Santa Monica.

We’ve only been here 5 days and I am already overrun with delicious photos of food. So this week will be a special and I’ll be posting more than the usual two updates!

Keep checking in for LA foodporn!


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