Sauce Pizza and Wine

Sauce is one of the many and famed Fox Concept restaurants (including Blanco and Zinburger) that you can find throughout Southern Arizona.

This particular restaurant is an open, but crowded pizzeria that features a brick pizza oven and freshly made to order delights.

The menu has everything from sandwiches, salads, pastas, wine… and pizzas. Of various traditional and unique topping combinations.

The pizza pictured above was a delicious Rosemary Potato pizza featuring spinach and olive tapenade. The potato was creamy, the tapenade was salty, and all the flavors melded nicely. The traditional artisan crust and thin crust are both crispy and chewy and have a wonderful flavor. These are the doughs that actually taste good enough to eat without drowning in sauce.

During the summers they usually have a $20 meal deal where you can get two glasses of wine, a pizza and a salad. It’s a lot of food and a great deal.

And when you are done with lunch or dinner, you can pop on over to Frost a classy and fun gelato joint for dessert!


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