Solo Café

Cleverly camouflaged amongst a strip of run of the mill restaurants and spas, is this cute alternative coffee shop on Southern and Mill.


This mug was literally the size as my face. Just letting you know, it’s worth the trip!

The walls are covered in artwork with cute and odd monsters and skulls, what I would call alternative punk/psychedelic. There is a cozy sofa and old fashioned arm chair (as glimpsed in the picture) in the middle of the main room facing a wall-sized book shelf (with books you can actually pick off the shelves and read!), and a wooden bench that stretches the length of the back wall covered in cushions.

It is cozy if you want or a little bit stiffer for when you need to work. But you can find an outlet at any seat (cleverly hidden underneath the bench lip or on the ground) and the music is just the right volume. If you like a song, it’s loud enough to hear every word, but if you just want background then it’s soft enough to not disrupt your concentration.

Their drinks are pretty good, too. I’ve been getting their chais – they have three different flavours, and have enjoyed everyone. So far the Ginger Chai (pictured in the mug) is my favorite – it gives the tea an extra spicy kick. I’ve also tasted their hot coco (house blend) and a white mocha. I’ve yet to be disappointed!

All in all, this is one of my top picks. Perfect for meeting with friends, or for finishing some work, or simply reading a good book.


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