Ground beef chili nachos

So maybe it’s not technically chili… but that’s how I used it, so it counts, right? =)

My friends came over for a night of tequila and cheesy movies. To feed us properly and have a great movie snack I made us nachos.

I used a tube of ground beef (nothing special, I’m not too picky) and cooked about halfway. Then I added a can of diced tomatoes, half a can of corn and a packet of taco seasoning and let it simmer till thoroughly cooked.

Normally I’m all about the DIY recipes, but I have a limited spice collection right now (seeing as I’m about to move out of my apartment back home) and taco seasoning is taco seasoning, right? Not that big a difference in flavors, imo.

Doesn’t it look DELICIOUS?

The ground beef stayed tender and moist and it was delightfully drippy to eat. Actually, there almost wasn’t enough for the nachos since my friends (and I XD ) were eating it like…well, chili! out of the pan.

It was THAT good.


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