Sausage, Bell Peppers and Pasta

This was a makeup Father’s day dinner since I wasn’t able to make it to town that weekend. It’s also a favorite family recipe.

It’s super fast, fresh and simple! Just a smoked beef sausage (or any kind of sausage you have on hand), a couple bell peppers (I usually get the trio pack from the store – red, yellow and orange!), and bowtie or fusilli (the swirly) pasta.

First get the pasta cooking, while waiting for that to get cooked to the preferred chewiness, cut up the sausauge into bite sized chunks and start to heat up in a pan with some oil (I like to use olive). Cook these until they start turning a nice dark brown on both sides. Then add the sliced bell peppers and some seasonings. The original recipe calls for marjoram and basil, but you can use italian or something else entirely!

You want to make sure not to overcook the peppers, Just get them heated through and take it off the heat. Drain the cooked pasta and mix all of it together and combine with a generous handful of cheese!

Voilà! A delicious and quick healthy meal.

My favorite part though, is that this is such a versatile recipe. You can sub for anything you have on hand. Potatoes instead of pasta, throw in other veggies. It can be a different meal every time. Or the same if you find a fave combo!

Experiment and explore the endless realm of cooking!


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