Omurice and Kdramas

A few years ago one of my close friends introduced me into the crazy, antic-ridden, fairytale setup of kdramas. This began a a complicated addiction to the rather sexist world of poor girl meets rich boy and through a series of lies and coincidences ends up marrying him against all odds and traditions. (And if this at all interests you, let me know and I can give you a list of the least sexist and most fun shows!)

But the point of kdramas is that they always feature the main actress stuffing her face (oh most becomingly) with food and drink.

Korean food is one of the most delectable cuisines I have come across. Everything I’ve tried I’ve loved – bean sprout soup, short ribs, seaweed soup, kimchi, bibimbap, jap chae… The list goes on and on. But of all these dishes there is one that is revered above all. The omurice!

Inspired by the series Rooftop Prince, I had decided it was time to attempt this most scrumptious looking meal.


(Yes, those are late 17th century Korean goofs [the goofiest of all being the crown prince] on an impossible mission trapped in modern day Seoul being fed omurices by the adorable Park-ha [who just can’t catch a break].)

I looked up a bunch of recipes and, getting the gist of the process, proceeded to make my own!

I used whatever vegetables I happened to have (garlic, carrots, broccoli, peas, onion and kimchi!) sautéed that up till soft, added some leftover rice, soy sauce and ketchup and set aside.


(Please ignore the clorox wipes in the background… They completed eluded my notice until I had eaten everything.)

Then I made a thin omelette with the most basic of seasonings and assembled!

I thought it was going to be tricky, but it was easier than it sounded.

(The process, in case you were wondering, is to put the omelette mostly on the plate – with about a third hanging off the side – put the filling in, wrap the egg around it and tuck it in like a burrito.)


I decided to top it off with a ketchup heart and then dug in. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water and stomach grumble?

Now excuse me while I go make another one…


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