Please excuse the horrible lighting...

Please excuse the horrible lighting…

A stackable tea set!

A stackable tea set!



So I took these just to show to a friend, but it’s so cute I need to share it with you. This is the tea set I will be using for all of my tea (and probably coffee and coco) times with friends and family!

It was half off at World Market, and I absolutely adore it.

And to incorporate this into my food blog theme, I also made a cup of fresh mint tea. Mint tea was my first foray into the world of tea. Up until that first cup of aromatic herby hot water, I could not stand tea. It was flavoured water, weak and disgusting. It honestly made me gag. But then a dear friend in high school brewed us a pot of fresh mint leaves and… everything clicked. I finally understood what tea was. It was a new way to experience a flavor. It was refreshing. It was relaxing. It was soothing and energizing. Everything at once. It was a magic elixir to melt the worries of the day away.

So in honor of this new tea set, and in rememberance of that momentous day, I pulled off several sprigs from my (unfortunately floundering) mint plant, tossed them in the pot, poured the hot water over it and waited for them to steep and fill the room with the sweet tangy scent of mint.

Aaaah. Perfection.


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