Lemon Custard Tart


Tonight my friend came over and we commenced a thrilling and silly adventure in the baking of the above pictured lemon custard tart!

She provided the tart crust recipe (from a trusted coworker who loves to bake) and I had searched Allrecipes for a simple lemon pie recipe. We ended up making the Down Under Lemon Tart and we were not disappointed.

The crust was a breeze to make – powdered sugar, butter, flour, a “medium pinch of salt” and milk. We added some cinnamon, lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice to accent the lemon custard. Formed it into the “large and fat sausage shape” and threw it into the freezer to chill while we mixed the filling and preheated the oven.

We made some adjustments to the lemon custard filling, having to be creative with what was in the kitchen at the time. We ended up using coconut milk instead of cream and supplementing the lemon juice with some lime juice to reach the right amount of citric liquid.

After cooking it for 30 minutes (we didn’t read the bit about the pie supposing to be runny in the center till after it had cooked a bit longer… oops!) My friend and I were only able to wait an additional 10 minutes before we could no longer resist the sweet pastry taunting us from across the room.

We cut into it and took our first bites… It was so good. The lemon custard filling was a lovely slightly gooey and mostly creamy affair, just sweet enough to offset the lemony tang. Neither too sour nor too sugary. And the tart crust was flavorful and crumbly. The bottom was slightly chewy – like a thick cookie – and the edges were a nice crunchy golden brown.

Was it a masterpiece? Not really. Did it taste good? Hell yeah. AND we had fun singing along to Phantom of the Opera and dancing in my flamenco apron  like fools whilst mixing and spreading and pouring.

And this lemon custard tart went absolutely PERFECTLY with the cozy cute scenes of Love, Actually. And for once, I didn’t have to crave pie and bemoan it’s absence at the scene where Keira Knightly comes offering a banoffee pie in exchange for her wedding video. (Such a cute and heartbreaking scene. This movie is brilliant and just gets better every time I see it! And his acting is brilliant. He has maybe 3 lines the whole movie but he conveys such complicated and heart aching emotions with just his body language and eyes! <3)



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