Popin’Cookin’ Gummy Sushi Kit

My roomie received this for a present weeks ago. We decided to play with it today and see what it was all about.

Basically, it’s a kit to mix and make two kinds of nigiri and a sushi roll. The set mixes into gummy tomago (sweet eggs), tuna, roe, rice and comes with a gummy seaweed wrapper (picture a really thick fruit by the foot).


Since it was all in Japanese, we looked up the instructions online and found this video tutorial.

After figuring out what everything was supposed to be and giggling at the ridiculousness of it all we commenced.

We used our “water picker upper” and mixed the packets in their individual sections in the provided plastic mold. It was a lot of fun mixing it together and playing with the weird textured rice. Though we never planned on actually eating the candy, we figured we might as well try some. It was all super sweet and oddly flavoured and the rice turned into the strangest texture – like gummy styrofoam beads!


Once the gummy eggs and fish had set (more or less xp) we put together our nigiri and sushi roll. It was fun and ridiculous, and we couldn’t make sense of the magic “seasoning” packet. We sprinkled it over everything and it looked like salt and pepper…but tasted like sugar.

These little cuties were entirely unedible and thus still reside on our counter. Waiting to be cooed over and dreading the day of reckoning (aka trash time!).


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